Terms and conditions

1) Travel contract and liability
Travel contracts within this site are under regulation of the Greek Law nr. 1084 of December 27th, 1977, in accordance with the International Convention related to the Travel Contracts undersigned in Brussels on April 23rd, 1970 (CCV). Liability of the Travel Agent cannot exceed, in any case, the limits of the above cited law.

2) Registration
Travel Agent will accept enrollment according to availability and enrollment is considered finalized once the Travel Agent itself has confirmed it in script. Once the traveler has confirmed adhesion to the tour, the traveler also accepts all terms and conditions reported on this statement.

3) Payments
At confirmation time, traveler will pay 25% deposit + the enrollment fee. Final payment, plus eventual supplements, is due 30 days prior to travel. For late enrollers (within 30 days prior to the date of departure) final payment is due by the time of enrollment, plus expenses for fax communications, urgent shipping of documents by courier, telephone expenses, et cetera (This depends on the amount of administration work involved, and if applicable, you will be notified at time of reservation request from you or your agent). No vouchers will be issued until final payment is received in our office. Any booking not deposited with us by this time will automatically cancel without notification.

4) Validity of participation rates
Rates are calculated on the tariffs of providers of services by the time of publishing the tours. Rates may vary at any time, according to currency changes, raise of tariffs of services or hotels, raise of fuel tariffs. If total raise of the participation rate reaches 10% or more, the traveler may withdraw from contract as long as the traveler communicates the withdrawing in script to IMT. within 48 hours after receiving communication of raise of the rates. 

5) Renounces and cancellations
Cancellations must be done in writing and should be addressed to IMT handling the booking. If a participant decides to renounce the tour, traveler will be reimbursed for the paid due, except for penalties as below plus expenses and burdens of cancellation:

* 10% + enrollment fee until 30 days prior to the date of departure
* 25% + enrollment fee until 21 days prior to travel 
* 60% + enrollment fee until 15 days prior to travel 
* 80% + enrollment fee until 6 days prior to travel

No reimburse is owed to those who cancel their participation to the tour within 5 days prior to travel.
In no case traveler can apply for refund if:

* Traveler will not show at departure;
Traveler will renounce during the tour; there is no refund for unused services;
* Traveler will not be able to participate to the tour for lack of personal ID card or travel documents or wrongness of personal ID card or travel documents.

The renouncing traveler may ask for a substitution by other persons of his or her knowledge, as long as the traveler communicates change of name in script within reasonable time or, in any case, at least 15 days prior to travel. 

6) Travel insurance. 
At enrollment time, it is extremely important that you take out Travel Insurance. Insurance is not included in the rates, but we strongly advise you to stipulate one. It is ESSENTIAL that this insurance covers you for involuntary cancellation of your holiday. Our company insurance is covered by Zurich Insurance Company S.A.

7) Cancellation of tour by the organizer
According to the Greek law nr. 1084 of December 27th, 1977, in accordance with the International Convention related to the Travel Contracts undersigned in Brussels on April 23rd, 1970 (CCV), the society organizing the tour may cancel the contract, partially or totally, and no allowance or liability is owed, besides the full refund of money paid by traveler to Travel Agent, in case of:

* Exceptional circumstances;
Not reaching the minimum number of participants and, if so, giving a communication in script to traveler not later than 20 days prior to travel.

In both cases, if the contract is cancelled before its carrying out, the traveler will be fully reimbursed for all money paid to IMT. In case of cancellation during the carrying out of the tour, IMT must undertake all necessary measures for the sake of the traveler and both parties must be mutually compensated in equal measure.
In case of just hotel or apartment booking,  IMT doesn't request a minimum number of participants. In case the hotel or apartment booked and confirmed IMT is unavailable, for unforeseeable matters by time of enrollment of the traveler, IMT will offer an equivalent accommodation, with the same quality standard or higher.

8) Liability of carriers
Carriers are liable toward travelers only for the provisional time of their transportation by their means of conveyance, according to their own transportation policy. Tours are published under the sole responsibility of the organizer, thus they are not published on behalf of the carriers.

9) Luggage
Luggage travels under full responsibility of the traveler and the organizer can in no case be held responsible or liable for the loss or damage of it.

10) Our hotels
Category of proposed hotels is the official category, assigned by local authorities in charge of it. For technical reasons, a hotel might be substituted by other hotels of the same category or higher.

11) Court of jurisdiction. 
For any controversy, the court of jurisdiction will be the Court of Athens.

12) Reporting of incidents. 
Any abnormal incidents including injuries, service problems, cancellation of a service or dissatisfaction must be reported to IMT during the event to allow us an opportunity to rectify the situation or provide assistance. 

All rates in Euros.